Applying to become a UNILANG Examiner

If you have at least five years’ experience working with the CEFR, and if you are interested in serving as a UNILANG External Examiner, please click here to download the application form:



A helpful presentation which provides information for prospective UNILANG Examiners is available here


Guidance notes to the applicant

As an applicant,  you will  need to write a statement in which you should:

  • explain how and why you became acquainted with the CEFR (i.e. teaching courses that had already been aligned to it, using materials that followed its recommendations, personal research the CEFR, etc.)
  • say why you used it (because it was a requirement in your workplace, because you chose to use it by individual initiative, because colleagues were already using it, etc.)
  • state how many years (minimum five years) you have been using it and for which courses
  • describe any CEFR related training courses that you have undertaken
  • make reference to reference to any experience you have had as an official examiner for language certificates that follow the CEFR (such as DELE, DELF/DALF, Goethe-Zertifikat)
  • say how well you think you are able to map learning outcomes onto the CEFR
  • write a few lines about the impact that the CEFR has had in your professional work.